Fresh Eggs!

We’re happy to announce that the chickens have received more space and they are starting to lay regularly again. Last year, the eggs were collected and left in baskets in the barn, but not everyone had the opportunity to get some fresh eggs when they were available. The Farm Board has come up with a way to better distribute the eggs to all residents who want to enjoy them.

Anyone who wants fresh eggs should bring a half dozen egg carton with their last name on it to the McCombs residence next to the community barn (4031 Trigger Mill Ct.) As Teresa tends to the ladies, she will collect the eggs and put them in each carton. The cartons will be filled in the order in which they were received. She’s then graciously offered to drop the carton off at your house and you can bring a carton back to the line again if you so wish.

Our hope is this process will provide more residents the ability to enjoy the fresh eggs that our lovely ladies provide. As always we are open to your feedback as well as any suggestions that will make our community better for everyone.