Requirement to mow grassed open area and along lot frontage in Anderson Farms…

As we are now in the grass growing season in South Carolina, your POA Board would like to remind our residents of the requirement to maintain (mow) grassed areas of your lot that are not designated for pasture.   This includes the frontage of each lot to ensure the grass along the roadway Right-of-Way is mowed and maintained to avoid an unreasonable aesthetics or nuisance to occur.   Additionally, lots that have been cleared but have not begun home construction are required to maintain the lot in a mowed and generally maintained manor to ensure lots do not become overgrown.  This is particularly important to neighboring lots and insect control.  If lot owners are not local and don’t have a service to mow their lot, please reach out to the POA and we can give you several suggested companies that you can reach out and schedule a mowing service.   The POA appreciates your continued support and assistance in maintaining the aesthetic value and inviting community experience of Anderson Farms.